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So, there is a little bit of controversy and varying opinions on the etiquette of having a shower for your second child. Luckily, when you have a group of wonderful friends, all rules are out the window and they plan an event around you and your new baby anyway. It is a beautiful things because, we all know, the second pregnancy is nothing like the first. The novelty is gone. You’ve been there, done that, and you know there will be many moments of discomfort.

In addition, now you have someone else who is super dependent on you, so you can’t run out for pickles and take naps whenever you want to.

That is why when friends get together just to make a fuss of you and your new nugget, it helps you realize what’s happening. Right now, I am making the best gift I could ever give to my daughter. Giving her a companion through growing up in our crazy family. Someone she loves already and never forgets to kiss goodnight. Some of her teachers at preschool say she talks about him nearly everyday.

When I think about that and how much I love my siblings, the discomfort I am feeling in this 8th month seems to subside. I get that pregnancy glory for a moment and I really feel like I am doing something noble, something good. Then, the feeling is usually disrupted by Braxton Hick contraction and I am back to square one. But even if the feeling doesn’t last forever, thank you ladies for taking the time to remind me anyway!


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