It’s Warming Up – Nutrient Dense Vegetable Soup

So, it is definitely warming up out here in LA, but the mornings lately have been just cold enough for me to feel comforted by this delicious nutrient dense soup.  My mother-in-law bought me this hand blender a few years ago and I wondered at first if it was something I would use since I already had a blender.  Once I started my paleo diet, it became something I use so often that now I wonder how I ever lived without it.  I don’t like to give my kids dairy all the time, so I use this to blend avocado and banana into almond milk for them almost daily.  I also use it for this soup and those are two things I make constantly.

Above are all the ingredients you will need to make this, but feel free to make homemade broth.  Before you click the back arrow button on your browser because you hate brussels sprouts, know that you can easily change the vegetables you use in this soup.  I’ve used butternut squash and broccoli before in place of carrots and asparagus.  You can also do all carrots if you like or any number of different combinations.  Just be creative.

Frozen veggies, unlike canned, are actually just as packed with nutrients as fresh vegetables.  That is such good news for people who are a little lazy like me.

All you need to do is peel your onions and cut into fours (you can even avoid this by buying these).  Then put all the veggies in a large pot with the olive oil and 2 containers broth — let simmer.

Once the veggies are soft, mix them with your hand blender or you can batch blend it in a regular blender.

Your end result will be this comforting, beautifully colored soup that your kids will eat.  I add salt to taste and serve it with crumbled bacon and red palm oil.

If you have trouble feeding your kid veggies you may want to try it.  I also add it to pasta sauce for noodles.

Enjoy!  <3

Grain-Free Comfort Pancakes, Christmas Morning and Lots of Love

This past Christmas morning was one of the best yet for our family. We woke up in our new home, our kids were warm and toasty and we snuggled in the morning all together before getting out of bed. We spent all night Christmas Eve turning this,

into this…

*What christmas used to look like before and Amazon Prime*


The kid’s eyes lit up (well kind of, we actually were underwhelmed with their initial reaction — but let’s just pretend they lit up) when they were revealed the transformation and they were so excited to open gifts, play with new toys and lounge around.

This was our very first Christmas in Los Angeles with just our family because we typically go to NJ for the holidays. We stayed in LA one previous year, but my grandmother was also with us. So with two small kids and a culinarily challenged hubby,  it was up to me to figure out breakfast and the pressure was on.
Being a grain-free person myself, I knew I wanted something that could suit me but that would also excite the kids and my husband. So pancakes were in my mind and I decided to make the pancakes recommended on the GAPS diet. GAPS is a grain-free therapeutic diet similar to paleo that you can read more about here.
These pancakes only have three ingredients which makes them simple. 2 cups of steamed butternut squash, 4 eggs and 1 cup of almond flour or almond butter.

I steam my squash first and then I blend everything together until it is all creamy and smooth. Then I use either coconut oil or ghee to cook these up just like regular pancakes.

There are so many finishing touches these babies go great with. Fresh fruit, honey butter, maple syrup, you name it.

If you are ever in the mood for a comfort food breakfast that is healthier than your typical options, try these — they have become a household regular. You won’t regret it.

I hope everyone reading this has lots of love tomorrow.

My Paleo Stir-Fry

So, today I have a recipe for you all, and as promised it is a paleo recipe.  It is not simply paleo though; it is autoimmune paleo, which makes it even better.

While this recipe is specifically tailored for those like me who are trying to heal themselves of an autoimmune disease, it can be enjoyed by anyone as long as you don’t hate cauliflower.

While it makes my house smell bad sometimes, cauliflower has been a Godsend for me since I started this new diet.  I don’t love it mashed, but I use it as ‘rice’ at least every other day.  It has been my side dish for dinners, a snack and used in my homemade sushi rolls.

Today I want to share a paleo stir-fry recipe that I whipped together yesterday.  This would be great for anyone who wants an easy*, low carb, super filling dish.

Below is everything you need for the recipe.  Cauliflower, frozen peas, baby carrots, a naked rotisserie chicken, a healthy cooking fat and fish sauce (salt and pepper are optional).  I use this brand of fish sauce.


Steam, bake or boil your baby carrots.  Just do what you think is easiest; I steamed mine.

Grind up your cauliflower in the food processor and it should look like the picture below.  Begin to sauté in your fat of choice for a few minutes.  I used avocado oil.

By now, your carrots should cooked.  Cut them up and add them in with frozen peas and toss.

Break off some pieces of chicken and throw those in with a few drops of fish sauce.  Your finished product should look like the photo below.  Bon appétit!

You have options with this recipe.  What I do is I grind all my cauliflower at once so I get it over with and sauté it just for a couple of minutes so it is partially cooked.  Then I put in the fridge and use it throughout the week.  I always have some steamed veggies in the fridge as well so when I made this recipe, I was already half done.

If you enjoy this dish, you can always do the same type of thing.  Imagine just scooping partially cooked cauliflower ‘rice’ into the pan, chopping and adding some carrots and peas, throwing in the chicken and sauce and being done.  With things already prepared this recipe takes less than 10 minutes to put together.

*Now, if I had read on the blogs 2 months ago that this recipe was easy, I would have rolled my eyes.  The reason is because you have to use a food processor.  I have always loved to cook, but I was never into gadgets.  Turns out, they really do open the door to a lot of options with your food, and they save tons of time especially if they are dishwasher safe.  So, this recipe is easy IF you have a food processor.  If you don’t, you have to use a hand cheese grater.  While it is not difficult, it is just frustrating when you are hungry and want to eat.  I’ve been there.

UPDATE: Now you can just get riced cauliflower at the store!