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Grain-Free Comfort Pancakes, Christmas Morning and Lots of Love

This past Christmas morning was one of the best yet for our family. We woke up in our new home, our kids were warm and toasty and we snuggled in the morning all together before getting out of bed. We spent all night Christmas Eve turning this,

into this…

*What christmas used to look like before and Amazon Prime*


The kid’s eyes lit up (well kind of, we actually were underwhelmed with their initial reaction — but let’s just pretend they lit up) when they were revealed the transformation and they were so excited to open gifts, play with new toys and lounge around.

This was our very first Christmas in Los Angeles with just our family because we typically go to NJ for the holidays. We stayed in LA one previous year, but my grandmother was also with us. So with two small kids and a culinarily challenged hubby,  it was up to me to figure out breakfast and the pressure was on.
Being a grain-free person myself, I knew I wanted something that could suit me but that would also excite the kids and my husband. So pancakes were in my mind and I decided to make the pancakes recommended on the GAPS diet. GAPS is a grain-free therapeutic diet similar to paleo that you can read more about here.
These pancakes only have three ingredients which makes them simple. 2 cups of steamed butternut squash, 4 eggs and 1 cup of almond flour or almond butter.

I steam my squash first and then I blend everything together until it is all creamy and smooth. Then I use either coconut oil or ghee to cook these up just like regular pancakes.

There are so many finishing touches these babies go great with. Fresh fruit, honey butter, maple syrup, you name it.

If you are ever in the mood for a comfort food breakfast that is healthier than your typical options, try these — they have become a household regular. You won’t regret it.

I hope everyone reading this has lots of love tomorrow.

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