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Spa at Aria Review | Stress Relief

Ladies, I want to share in this post the importance and benefits of the spa for stress relief along with a review of the Spa at Aria in Las Vegas. I have been doing my very best to get to a spa for self care and stress relief as often as possible.

The spa has become a huge part of my de-stress routine and today I want to encourage you to add it to yours. If you’re looking for new ways to unwind, I find that taking time for yourself at the spa has been an absolute game-changer for me.

Discovering the Spa as Anti-Stress Therapy

I discovered ‘spa-ing’ as an extremely effective and useful way for me to relieve stress about 3 years ago. When I made this discovery, I noticed way too many people run into the spa for their treatment and immediately go back to their hectic and busy days.

I’m proud to say I’ve made a sort of art out of lounging at the spa. I learned the skill mostly from a close mommy friend of mine who took me for my first true spa day.

We didn’t even go anywhere fancy. We simply found a nearby Korean spa and we headed over there. I had been to several spas for facials and massages in the past, but I had never come to just relax and relieve stress. This was all new to me.

After we got our lockers and were settling in, my friend took out face masks, a homemade sugar scrub, nail polish — the works. We were able to have an inexpensive spa day by bringing many pampering necessities with us.

Who would have thought to do this? I didn’t. But I’m so glad I was introduced to this practice because it has definitely changed the way I live my life and the way I de-stress.

Ganbanyoku Japanese rock beds. Currently, the Aria is the only American spa that offers these.

Health Benefits of the Spa

Time magazine shares a summary of the research done recently on the benefits of the sauna. Apparently, it can help with vascular health, various autoimmune diseases, and chronic pain. It also has shown evidence of elevating “feel good” hormones in the body as well as lowering depression.

In addition to all of the scientifically proven benefits, you also have the benefits that you experience personally. I know that having some solitude at the spa is often exactly what I need to hit my “reset” button. I find that that button needs be pressed more and more often as life gets messy and complicated. Let yourself recharge and take that time for yourself — it can only do good.

Spa vs Meditation and Yoga

The spa seems to have a similar calming effect on me as meditation or yoga, but the practice of ‘spa-ing’ takes a lot less discipline than those do. That’s why I think it is the perfect first step when you’re learning your favorite ways for stress relief.

If you’ve struggled getting into meditation or yoga even when you know you would benefit, this is a great next option. You don’t have to control your thoughts or even focus on your breath — you just need to relax in the way that suits you. But you do have to relax. I know some of us even have trouble doing that, and I get it.

Our world is busy and slowing yourself down can sometimes be met with internal resistance. We don’t even know where that resistance is coming from, but we all voluntarily skip chances to take a break even when we know we need it. Let’s stop doing that. Now for the review…

Spa At Aria | Review

If you want to see some of the Spa at Aria and my experience there, check out this video!

A resort spa is the best spa. There is just nothing like the service and accommodation you receive when you are at a spa resort — and the Spa at Aria did not disappoint in this area. The staff was calm, friendly and spoke in their ‘spa voices’ at all times.

The “must haves” for a spa of this caliber are typically:

  • A large jacuzzi or several jacuzzis
  • A cold plunge
  • Steam room
  • Dry sauna
  • Large lounge room or multiple lounge rooms

Aria had all of these things and some very nice bonuses as well. The video above definitely shows you an inside look at the spa and my experience there, so check that out if you’re interested.

The bonuses Aria had in addition to the usual amenities were the Ganbanyoku Japanese rock beds and the Himalayan salt room. The beautiful rock beds emit far infrared rays and the Aria is the only American spa that currently has this type of room to offer. The Himalayan salt rooms are more common in American spas, but not every spa has them and Aria did.

Overall, I highly recommend the Spa at Aria if you’re interested in stress relief in a beautiful environment. It had everything you could possibly expect or want from a spa and a little more. I can’t wait to go back there again and spend another day.

Let me know if you go there anytime and how it was for you.

Thanks for reading!


  • Bebe

    Absolutely an awesome review and great video! It really is good to know that you can enjoy these amenities with a day pass and take your own toiletries, etc. It’s so much lighter on the budget! Thanks for sharing!

  • Tara

    I never thought to look at my spa day as a benefit to my mind like meditation or yoga! I love this approach and can’t wait to relax, instead of rushing the experience & on to the next thing on my calendar! Thanks so much!!

    • dreamy_blog

      I’m so glad this inspired you! Please check back soon and let me know how it went. I’d love for my spa reviews to be a monthly thing =)

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