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The Last of My Twenties

As I woke up on my birthday morning, I looked on my nightstand to see two cards. One that had my name on it, the name I was given at birth. The other had the name on it that I was given on April 14th 2012. Yes, one card said “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy” on the front of it. One “Mommy” is never quite enough for my little one. Of course, my husband wrote on these cards and I couldn’t thank him enough for having them out for me on this day. I turn 29. Yeah, it’s no 30, but it is my last year of my 20’s and I will be mourning the loss of my twenty-something self all year.

I am not afraid to turn 30 at all, and there are plenty of things that I wouldn’t mind leaving behind in my 20’s and moving on. But there is still the fear of aging that I think we all have to an extent; the fear of the unknown future.

At this point, I am halfway through my second pregnancy and I am expecting a little boy in November. We are planning a move in about a year and while we are unsure of where we will go, I know it will be exciting. The future, while mysterious, is looking quite bright and I am starting this blog now to document my family’s journey through it all.

I have so many interests and passions, so I won’t even attempt go over what this blog will be about. Just consider it will probably be a mosh posh of family outings, experiences, fashion (mommy & baby), recipes (mostly paleo), photos and other random things I feel compelled to share.

Right now this is just family and friends, so I want to tell you all that I love you and thanks for your support.

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