Vivien’s Birth

So it all began on April 14th 2012 at 6:30 AM. I started to have contractions that felt ‘different’ than the others I have had in previous days and weeks. These contractions, you could say, actually hurt and they were coming about 20 to 25 minutes apart. My husband had class at 8 AM and asked me if I wanted him to stay home. I had contractions all day Easter Sunday, so I felt like it may be another false labor. I told him to keep checking his phone, but to go to class.

He left around 7:45 and I decided to straighten my hair just in case it was the ‘big day’. After I did that, I wanted to put the last minute things in my hospital bag like my toothbrush, shower gels and deodorant etc. By the time that was done and I was dressed, it was about 10 AM and I decided to go for a walk around the apartment complex. I walked around listening to music and my hypnobabies tracks. About a half hour of that and then I decided to try to ‘sleep it off’. I laid down in the bed in my daughter’s room. While looking at all of her things I did fall asleep, but only for a short time. I was awakened by a contraction, went back to sleep and the same thing happened. I then decided to take a warm shower to see if that would help. It really helped, and thought for a while they were going away.

After my shower, I laid down again, but this time in my room, and the contractions became apparent to me again. My husband calls me to see if I want any food while he is on his way home. I didn’t want to eat or smell anything so I told him to eat his food in the car if he got some. Now contractions were coming about 8 to 10 minutes apart and Jeff got home pretty soon after I spoke with him. I decided we needed to go walk somewhere and I thought the mall would be the best distraction. Jeff wanted to go to the park as to avoid spending money, but he eventually went with my request and we put my hospital bag in the car just in case.

We walked into Sears and went straight to the jewelry section. I looked at diamond cross pendants and amethyst cocktail rings to distract myself from the contractions. I tried on many pieces and then decided to walk through the rest of the mall. We didn’t make it far; once I wasn’t distracted from the contractions I realized my contractions were close together and very intense. It was time to go to the hospital.

At this point, you would think it was obvious what was going on when I would stop in the middle of a sentence and close my eyes for about a minute. Well, it wasn’t obvious enough to DH, when this would happen, he would ask me in a cute baby voice, “Contracties?” As we were entering the hospital and he said this, I ‘yelled’ at him the one and only time for the entire birth. I told him if he said it like that one more time I would lose my mind. We checked in at the front desk and went to the third floor, labor and delivery. I was familiar with this hospital’s labor and delivery floor having been there twice per week for the past month getting non-stress tests for the baby. As we walked towards the nurse I calmly told her I thought I was in labor. She sent us to a room to wait for the other nurse who I had met before. She asked bunch of questions and the monitor showed that I was having contractions about every five minutes. She checked my cervix and sure enough, I was 5cm dilated. I was transferred soon after to a labor and delivery room. On my birth plan I was not to be given and IV and did not plan on an epidural. I had done my hypnobabies at home class and felt prepared for labor. I also did not want my cervix checked again unless I asked.

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